Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, announced new Océ PRISMAscan Convert™ state-of-the-art document conversion software that simplifies the transformation of paper documents into digital format. New Océ PRISMAscan Convert software uses an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine to convert scanned documents into editable files compatible with electronic data distribution and archiving management applications.

Versatile support for a variety of input and output formats
With Océ PRISMAscan Convert software, enterprises can convert a wide range of document formats, including TIFF, JPEG, and PDF, created on any standard black & white or color scanner. The OCR engine automatically recognizes printed data for text, barcodes, tables and images and processes them at the highest speed with the best possible quality.

Océ PRISMAscan Convert software can create output in a variety of formats for use with many applications, including Océ PRISMAarchive™ for long-term archiving, Adobe® Acrobat® (PDF image, searchable or archive files); Microsoft® Word (TXT, RTF); Microsoft Excel® (CSV, XLS), Microsoft PowerPoint ®(PPT), image editing applications like TIFF, JPEG and PDF images, Web browsers like Internet Explorer®, and Mozilla® Firefox® and systems that import XML files.

"As users in all types of environments transform paper documents into accessible digital archives, Océ PRISMAscan Convert software provides the on-ramp they need to integrate documents into a digital workflow for security, convenience, and simplified reproduction, distribution and control," said Eric de Goeijen, Vice President of Marketing, Océ North America. "This solution integrates smoothly into the enterprise workflow, handles a mix of input and output formats and performs essential document management functions.

Key Océ PRISMAscan Convert functions
Océ PRISMAscan Convert software provides an on-ramp to an enterprise's digital workflow, streamlining the paper-to-digital migration by simplifying five core document management tasks. These capabilities include production scanning, which enables users to process large numbers of scanned data files; digital distribution to external applications like email; connectivity to external document management, CRM and archiving systems; conversion of image files into a variety of output formats, and automatic digitization and conversion of large numbers of documents into searchable PDF or Word documents.

Templates for processing and converting files
Océ PRISMAscan Convert software brings a new level of versatility to the conversion of scanned documents by providing three ways to run the templates that describe how to process or convert scanned files. Customers can run templates manually, which allows operators to check and edit scanned data. Templates can be scheduled to run during off-hours to optimize PC or server usage without impacting other programs. Finally, templates can be run automatically, wherein the system checks hot folders and automatically launches the conversion process when scanned files enter the hot folder.

Designed for flexibility
Océ PRISMAscan Convert software provides users with powerful document scanning and conversion tools that help improve business performance by offering versatile options and maximum flexibility. The basic offering can convert up to 10,000 images a month, while the most powerful version enables organizations to convert up to one million images per month. These features make the software an ideal choice for enterprises that perform large volumes of conversion tasks. Other options include support for Asian languages, two-dimensional barcodes (industry-standard PDF 417) and XML output. Océ PRISMAscan Convert software is available today. To learn more, visit www.oceusa.com/PRISMAscanConvert.

About Océ
Océ is a leading international provider of digital document management technology and services. The company's solutions are based on Océ's advanced software applications that deliver documents and data over internal networks and the Internet to printing devices and archives -- locally and around the world. Océ also offers a wide range of display graphics, consulting and outsourcing solutions. For more information about Océ, visit www.oceusa.com.

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