Datacap, the leading provider of flexible document capture and forms processing software solutions, announced the release of Taskmaster for Medical Claims, version 7.6. A foundation application for Datacap for more than a decade, Taskmaster for Medical Claims is designed to capture, verify, and store medical claims for insurance payors and Third Party Administrators.

    Taskmaster for Medical Claims provides rapid and accurate automated data entry from Professional claim forms (CMS 1500), which are filled in by individual medical providers, and from Institutional claim forms (UB-04), which are typically submitted by hospitals.

    Perhaps the most significant enhancement in the new version is that it leverages Datacap's extremely flexible Rulerunner Service architecture, with procedural rules controlling recognition, validation, and export of data, all configured in Datacap Studio. Adding new document types beyond claims is simply a matter of modifying or adding new rules for each document.

    "Many users of Taskmaster for Medical Claims have improved their already impressive ROIs by extending the application to capture other document types, such as enrollment forms and human resources documents," says Scott Blau, Datacap CEO. "Rulerunner Service supports customization and Datacap Studio, the rules controller makes it much easier to configure and test new workflows. We expect to see many more medical claim processors modifying Taskmaster to include other documents."

    Other features of Taskmaster for Medical Claims 7.6 include full support of the latest CMS 1500 and UB-04 forms, the ability to capture so-called "black" claims (red ones which have been copied or faxed), and a new ICR/C recognition engine from Open Text Recostar, which delivers superior accuracy.

    Taskmaster for Medical Claims retains all the valued features that have made it one of the most successful medical claim capture solutions in the industry. As always, dynamic claim format analysis locates the correct data fields for the standard CMS 1500 and UB-04 claim forms at runtime, requiring no pre-configuration of templates. The single-pass, modeless data entry screen makes verification of claim data fast and intuitive, a suite of built-in validations assures accuracy, and 837 data output formatting keeps users compliant with HIPAA requirements for electronic data.

    The latest release of Taskmaster for Medical Claims assures that organizations can continue to rely on Datacap to help them eliminate costly, error-prone manual data entry of claims and other documents, accelerate claim processing turnaround time, and seamlessly deliver claim data to adjudication systems and indexed images to image repositories for efficient storage and retrieval.

    About Datacap
    Since 1988, Datacap Inc. has provided leading document capture and forms processing software solutions to organizations worldwide. Datacap Taskmaster software efficiently transforms paper into information, reducing data entry costs and improving information accuracy. A client/server, rules-based document capture workflow platform, Taskmaster provides highly flexible solutions for both image indexing and data entry automation. For more information, visit

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