Kofax® plc (LSE:KFX), a leading provider of smart process applications for the business critical First Mile™ of customer interactions, today announced the launch of Kofax TotalAgility Mailroom Automation™ and Kofax TotalAgility Customer Onboarding™, two solutions now available on Kofax’s recently launched TotalAgility 7.0 smart process application development and deployment platform. The products enable TotalAgility 7.0 customers to take advantage of a wider range of advanced automation technologies, cost saving features and advanced analytics all within one easy-to-use solution.

“These two powerful solutions give our customers an incredibly valuable set of tools to help them increase productivity, streamline operations and reduce costs,” said Grant Johnson, Chief Marketing Officer at Kofax. “The addition of advanced mailroom automation and value-packed customer onboarding capabilities, further extends the customer benefits provided by TotalAgility 7.0, the market’s leading smart process application platform.”

According to Forrester, a leading independent research firm: “…business (whether public or private, profit or nonprofit) needs more than transaction process automation, especially in this age of the customer. What business needs now is a new generation of flexible, adaptable apps that can address the messy and unpredictable processes and collaborative activities that are central to any business…Examples of the business processes that will use these new smart process apps include customer onboarding…1”

Kofax TotalAgility 7.0 is the only fully unified platform for the development and deployment of smart process applications. It’s a market-changing product that delivers an unparalleled combination of leading capture, business process management (BPM), dynamic case management (DCM), data integration, analytics and mobile capabilities on a single, unified platform. TotalAgility 7.0 radically transforms and simplifies the processing of real-time, information intensive communications from customers and dramatically improves an organization’s customer experience while greatly reducing operating costs, thus driving increased competitiveness, growth and profitability.

Kofax TotalAgility Mailroom Automation is the first digital mailroom solution to provide complete visibility into incoming documents and information via process analytics and visualization dashboards that enable organizations to track, review and modify information at any point in the business process. Critical customer-facing and other applications can now be closely monitored for better control, resulting in accelerated processing, increased responsiveness and a better customer experience. It expands centralized mailroom functions to support scanned input from distributed locations and external stakeholders as well as new channels arising from mobile devices and internet portals. By supporting more automatic processing of mail and more quickly dealing with issues, exceptions and trailing documents, mail-driven processes that once took days or weeks can be completed in minutes.

Kofax TotalAgility Customer Onboarding combines Kofax’s industry leading capture, process management, analytics and mobile capabilities to allow organizations to provide a higher level of service, gain competitive advantage and better manage and grow their businesses while also greatly reducing operating costs. Customer new account applications and supporting documents can be captured from any source – including mobile devices, internet portals, desktop scanners and MFPs at the Point of Origination™ where customer facing interactions actually occur. The solution then extracts and ensures the validity of their content, facilitates the resolution of exceptions and acquisition of trailing documents, and uses dynamic workflows to ensure that the onboarding process is completed in a timely, accurate and cost effective manner while optimizing the customer experience.

About Kofax
Kofax® plc (LSE: KFX) is a leading provider of smart process applications for the business critical First Mile of customer interactions. These begin with an organization’s systems of engagement, which generate real time, information intensive communications from customers, and provide an essential connection to their systems of record, which are typically large scale, rigid enterprise applications and repositories not easily adapted to more contemporary technology. Success in the First Mile can dramatically improve an organization’s customer experience and greatly reduce operating costs, thus driving increased competitiveness, growth and profitability. Kofax software and solutions provide a rapid return on investment to more than 20,000 customers in banking, insurance, government, healthcare, business process outsourcing and other markets. Kofax delivers these through its own sales and service organization, and a global network of more than 800 authorized partners in more than 75 countries throughout the Americas, EMEA and Asia Pacific. For more information, visit kofax.com.


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