ibml, the leader in production scanning and document capture solutions and services, today unveiled the smartest desktop scanner ever offered for the 65 to 100 pages-per-minute (PPM) mid-volume production scanning market. With document process automation capabilities never before seen in this scanner class, ibml's ImageTracDS 1085 will forever raise the expectations for productivity and process efficiency for mid-volume scanning applications.

    Until now, the operational benefits of inline scanning intelligence and document process automation have only been available on specialized high-volume scanning technology such as ibml's ImageTrac®. With the introduction of the ImageTracDS 1085, similar operational benefits are now affordable for the mainstream capture market. As a result, organizations with mid-volume applications no longer need to sacrifice scanning performance and capture process automation.

    "The ImageTracDS 1085 is the first truly intelligent mid-volume production scanner that literally does the paperwork for you," said ibml Chief Marketing Officer Dan Lucarini. "No other desktop scanner in this class can apply transactional business rules, perform complex data extraction and document recognition, and physically sort documents, all in one lean, labor-saving operation."

    Industry Specific Applications
    With its combination of inline intelligence and process automation features, the ImageTracDS 1085 is ideal for automating centralized and distributed mid-volume capture applications such as:

    * Mortgage processing
    * Claims processing
    * Invoice processing
    * Tax processing
    * Remittance processing
    * Healthcare payer processing
    * Application processing
    * Lockbox processing
    * Medical records capture
    * Back-file conversion

    Key Features
    * Intelligent Capture Software. The ImageTracDS 1085 is powered by a version of the same SoftTrac® capture software utilized by many of the world's most demanding capture operations on ibml's ultra-high-speed ImageTrac scanners. Adding ibml DocNetics® recognition software for barcode, checks, and data extraction at scan time can eliminate the need to pay post-scan click charges. The scanner can also be enhanced into a complete, end-to-end capture solution with the full SoftTrac Capture Suite, including the new SoftTrac Synergetics IDR server.

    * Automated Document Sorting. The ImageTracDS 1085 comes standard with two document sorting trays. When combined with the inline intelligence of ibml's SoftTrac Scan and DocNetics software, the scanner is the ideal solution for applications with checks, claims forms, separator sheets or any other document that requires special post-scan handling. For example, an organization processing one million documents annually could save tens of thousands of dollars in labor handling and printing costs simply through the automated collation and re-use of separator sheets.

    * Left-Justified Document Feeding. The scanner uses a left-justified document feeder to provide a more efficient method for picking and feeding of intermixed document sizes. This allows for faster and easier document preparation using a document jogger, ensuring that documents are aligned in a matter of seconds.

    * High-Quality, High-Speed Imaging. The ImageTracDS 1085 delivers the exceptional throughput and image quality that are hallmarks of all ibml scanners. With maximum throughput of 85 PPM at 300 dots per inch(DPI), it also offers 24-bit color image capture at output resolutions ranging from 50 to 600 DPI and can output images as JPEG or TIFF files.

    * Small Footprint for Distributed Scanning. ibml has packed all this processing and automation power into a compact unit that can fit into any small or remote office. The scanner dimensions are only 21" L X 16.1" W X 16.5" H (53.3cm X 40.9cm X 41.9cm).

    The ImageTracDS 1085 is expected to be available in North America and Europe by December.

    About ibml
    ibml provides intelligent scanning and document capture solutions that drive business process improvements from the Point of Entry™. Combining hardware, software and services, ibml's comprehensive solutions automate the most demanding document applications in banking, financial services, healthcare, government services, outsourcing and more. Every day, ibml customers in 43 countries rely on our technology to accurately and efficiently capture millions of document images. For more information on ibml, visit us online at

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