Last week, artificial intelligence (AI) technology provider ayfie announced the latest addition to its product line, ayfie Accelerator. ayfie Accelerator is positioned as a browser-based workflow management solution that can be used as a standalone product, designed to boost efficiency and performance within team-based workflows.

ayfie contends that ayfie Accelerator helps users increase their speed and accuracy through statistical sampling, conceptual analysis, report graphs, and automated learning. ayfie Accelerator’s machine learning capabilities result in conceptual clustering, identifying similar documents and near-duplicates, email threading, and inclusive email identification.

In addition, ayfie Accelerator enables users to conduct multi-modal searches, such as conceptual search, faceted search, and traditional keyword search, to locate documents and leverage visualization techniques to evaluate complex datasets under time pressure.

Today, the level of difficulty to find, identify, and process information within the exponentially growing masses of information being captured and managed across an enterprise has significant and costly impact on related workflows and business processes. The ability to standardize these workflows and business processes not only improves operational efficiencies, but it also supports regulatory and legal compliance.

This announcement by ayfie rounds out their suite of offerings for information governance, enhancing their capabilities for document-centric workflows, reviews, and production. This is especially beneficial in relation to workflows focused on litigation and audit reviews, contract management, financial reviews, and case management. When combined with the other ayfie product sets, and the scalability it offers, this becomes a powerful solution suite for businesses large and small.

Bob Larrivee is a recognized expert in the application of advanced technologies and process improvement to solve business problems and enhance business operations. He reports on the latest information management technologies for DOCUMENT Strategy. Follow him on Twitter @BobLarrivee or visit