Jan. 7 2021 08:51 AM

By integrating Customer Journey Mapping, British Gas is strengthening trust and satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle

Quadient has announced that British Gas has implemented Quadient Customer Journey Mapping to provide highly personalized communication-driven customer experiences. With Quadient cloud-based Customer Journey Mapping, part of Quadient’s Customer Experience Management (CXM) suite of solutions, British Gas creates and manages in-depth, intelligent journey maps that are used to visualize the customer journey, orchestrate customer communications and provide insights into customer satisfaction levels and business impact at each touchpoint.

With the utilities industry facing increasing commoditization, British Gas, traditionally a business-centric energy provider, has transformed itself into a customer-centric service business with offerings including energy supply, insurance and home repairs, smart meters and smart home devices. British Gas has successfully utilized Quadient’s omnichannel customer communications management platform, Quadient Inspire, for several years, consolidating, streamlining and distributing more than 4,000 different pieces of personalized and compliant communications to its customers. By integrating Quadient Customer Journey Mapping to extend the capabilities of Quadient Inspire, British Gas is strengthening trust and satisfaction throughout the customer lifecycle by ensuring that customers receive the right communication, through the right channel, at exactly the right point in their journey.

“Without the right tools in place, attempting to transform communications and the entire customer experience could prove painful, as multiple issues could have come to the fore,” said Adam Firbank, Journey Practice Lead, Customer Communications, British Gas. “The insight and the vision Quadient’s customer journey maps gave us have made us stop and completely rethink everything. It enables us to create an exemplary 21st century customer experience.”

British Gas has mapped all “current state” customer journeys across its business, from new customer queries to home engineer visits to service upgrades. Pain points and preferences along each of these paths have been identified, and existing communications have been personalized and aligned in real time, and are now in a position to entirely transform customer experience.

“We are delighted British Gas is continuing to expand its adoption of Quadient CXM solutions and are dedicated to supporting its efforts to understand its customer journeys and map them to personalized, compliant and proactive customer communications across the business,” said Chris Hartigan, Chief Solution Officer, Customer Experience Management, at Quadient. “Communications play a critical role in any customer experience and the drive to deliver customer experience excellence is a necessity not only in the energy and utilities space but across all industries where communications are at the heart of customer engagement, such as banking, insurance and healthcare. Quadient’s CXM solutions provide businesses with superior omnichannel communications and propels them to the next level of deeply understanding customer behavior in real time and orchestrating and automating better experiences for customers.”

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