Bertha Yuen

Bertha Yuen is a Director with Paragon’s Advisory Services team with over two decades of experience in leading high-profile management consulting engagements. Bertha began her career at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, where she managed a broad range of global responsibilities. Her areas of expertise include developing strategy roadmaps, executing business solutions, and directing programs and personnel in large-scale change initiatives to improve corporate effectiveness. Bertha is multi-lingual, having been born and raised in Hong Kong and educated in the US. She holds a BS degree in computer and information science from City University of New York.
Voice of the Customer - DOCUMENT Strategy
Feb. 8 2017
"Voice of the Customer," a discipline used in business and operations (through Six Sigma, for example) to capture customer expectations and preferences, is an excellent resource to evaluate your products...
There is an expression, “The only constant is change.” That certainly appears to be true in 2020, and especially so for communicators in almost every industry