Arianna Valentini

Arianna Valentini is a Product Marketing Manager (PMM) specializing in product messaging within GMC Software Technology. As a Product Marketing Manager, Arianna assists with client-facing PMM work, including, but not limited to, roadmaps, whitepapers, and thought leadership sessions. Prior to joining GMC, Arianna spent three years as a Research Analyst holding positions at top industry firms, IDC and InfoTrends. Her areas of expertise include mobile technology, digital publishing software, brand strategy, market, and trend analysis.

She holds a MS and BFA summa cum laude from Rochester Institute of Technology.
Problem with Personas - DOCUMENT Strategy
April 6 2017
Marketing is becoming more complex with an increasing number of channels, varied experiences, and immense volumes of data. In response, a strategy that organizations have adopted is to develop customer...
Dec. 23 2015
This past May, I had the privilege of attending the 2015 DOCUMENT Strategy Forum. As always, the event provided excellent insight on the future of documents and communications. However, as I sat in on...
Oct. 20 2015
Decision makers may believe minimal or limited access is sufficient to get the benefits associated with mobile enablement. In practice, this tepid, apprehensive approach can actually create new bottlenecks
July 20 2015
The Internet of things (IoT) will likely be one of the most powerful accelerators for digital transformation in our industry. That said, we at IDC predict that the worldwide IoT market will grow
April 27 2015
In an ideal world, workers would easily be able to move seamlessly between paper, digital and even legacy formats from any information technology (IT) platform that they wished. Integration of information...
March 17 2015
We have recently seen explosive changes in the healthcare industry. With governmental legislation, healthcare went from being an industry with a built-in customer base to one in which hospitals, insurances...
Feb. 16 2015
It is no secret that today’s workforce is more mobile than ever before. Workers expect that their personal experiences and expectations for mobility should travel into their work environments. This...