eCopy, Inc. today extended eCopy ShareScan document imaging software by adding business automation services to improve front office scanning workflows. These services solve the challenges of maintaining information accuracy of scanned images and speeding document capture processes, the two most common problems facing front office document imaging users.

eCopy now offers two business automation service products - which perform image enhancement and barcode recognition on scanned documents - as add-on software to eCopy ShareScan. These services bring production scanning capabilities typically found only in software used with production scanners to multifunction peripherals (MFP), enabling office workers who have no knowledge of image processing to complete these tasks automatically.

The eCopy Business Automation Services streamline repeatable processes, such as automatically scanning documents to specific network folders or capturing client identification and passing index information directly to content management systems. They run transparently as background processes and can operate independently or in tandem.

eCopy Business Automation Services
eCopy Barcode Recognition automates routine document scanning tasks such as naming, batching, splitting, filing and indexing scanned documents based on barcodes contained in the documents. Using the intelligence of barcodes while performing a batch process can eliminate scanning bottlenecks with automated splitting of document batches and naming of files. By utilizing this service, all files are handled without user intervention, which delivers a simpler user experience and produces consistent results.

"Scanning paper documents into electronic files involves multiple steps that are labor intensive, time consuming and error prone - all of which can result in lost information," said Greg Gies, director of Product Marketing at eCopy. "The eCopy Barcode Recognition Service increases productivity and lowers costs by automating routine tasks associated with scanning documents."

eCopy Image Enhancement processes scanned documents to produce a "cleaner" image. This service enables optical character recognition (OCR) and barcode automation to translate image content more precisely into machine-readable and editable text, dramatically reducing manual exception reporting which slows down scanning processes.

"Companies that can automate the processing of paper documents by combining document imaging with OCR will drive time and cost of out of their processes. However, the precision of OCR and the ability to automate the process depends heavily on image quality. The eCopy Image Enhancement Service helps organizations create clear, legible images on the fly, eliminating scanning errors and saving time," Gies said.

eCopy ShareScan software enables office workers to scan paper documents easily and securely using equipment that is readily available in any office - MFPs or scanners. It works with all the major brands of MFPs or scanners. eCopy Barcode Recognition and Image Enhancement Services run with other eCopy services such as cost recovery or Bates Numbering. Organizations can use eCopy business automation services to automatically name files, split documents or enhance images when using the more than 100 application Connectors available for eCopy ShareScan.

About eCopy, Inc.
eCopy, Inc. is an innovative provider of open and flexible solutions that transform paperwork into paper that works. eCopy, Inc. is a global company headquartered in the United States, with subsidiaries in Japan and the UK, offices in Germany, France, Scandinavia, Canada, Singapore, New Zealand andAustralia. For more information, visit


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