BancTec, a leading global provider of advanced, high-volume document and payment processing services and solutions, has made image quality assurance (IQA) a seamless component of its IntelliScan® high-speed document scanning solutions, thus meeting the dual requirements of verifiable image quality and high-speed processing. The result is an ability to generate time and cost savings—without sacrificing image quality—for organizations with large document processing operations.

Traditionally, organizations have had to verify a percentage of scanned images in order to meet their document processing quality metrics, from relatively simple spot-checking, to full review in especially sensitive industries, such as healthcare. Without an automated way to identify problem images, these organizations have been reliant on costly, time consuming and labor-intensive manual review measures.

BancTec's image quality architecture solves this challenge by utilizing advanced capabilities for image scanning, monitoring and correction to provide customers with an integrated, end-to-end framework that produces superior scanned images. Monitoring is key to BancTec's image quality methodology because it enables the efficient, automatic detection of easily correctable errors that might go unnoticed by a high-speed scanner operator, such as folded corners, torn edges or even slight camera obstructions. As a result, the full benefits of a high-resolution, high-speed scanner can be realized without significant operator involvement. Organizations can then have the confidence that they are generating high quality images without the need for full manual review, and with no disruption in overall efficiency.

"There has been a growing demand for efficient verification of image quality, without a reduction in processing speed, for all scanned items," said Mark Fairchild, chief technology officer, BancTec. "BancTec's IntelliScan platform helps organizations achieve this result by analyzing all images—in real-time—as they are captured in order to identify potential quality issues. The operator has the flexibility to either review and correct items while scanning a batch, or to have the review done as part of a post-scan process using a product such as BancTec's Image SentryTM."

The Image SentryTM product complements BancTec's IntelliScan solution by providing for the ability to review and enhance suspect images after initial scanning; to conduct a virtual rescan from color or grayscale files; or to rescan the actual physical documents. The same IQA tests available on the IntelliScan transport are also available in Image Sentry should images from other centralized or distributed scanners require verification.

"BancTec's IQA approach significantly automates the quality assurance process to improve operational efficiency," said Fairchild. "The integration of scanning, monitoring and correction ensures that organizations have an end-to-end image quality assurance platform that performs to the industry's highest standards for all document types."

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