AnyDoc Software, Inc., a leading provider of automated document, data capture, and classification solutions, announces the addition of email processing to its Infiniworx® capture workflow platform.

In addition to advanced document classification and capture workflow, Infiniworx can monitor selected e-mail inboxes and automatically process incoming emailed documents and attachments. Infiniworx can recognize and open email attachments in most standard business formats, including PDF, TIFF, Word and Excel documents, and even unzip multiple compressed files for processing. The email body and attachments can be classified and passed to OCR for AnyDoc® for data capture and further processing downstream. And, any document can be converted to TIFF, PDF, or text allowing for output standardization while still maintaining all native formats.

The addition of email processing to Infiniworx follows the needs of businesses worldwide converting to electronic documents and adapting Earth-friendly "Green" initiatives, thus increasing the number of transactions online and via email, often with email attachments. It provides an additional automated method for businesses to process a common input stream of fax, scan, import, and FTP to capture their incoming documents. It also eliminates the all-too-common and impractical practice of printing emailed documents only to scan them for entry into ECM, ERP or other backend systems.

Infiniworx utilizes an easy-to-understand graphical drag-and-drop interface allowing users to quickly replicate their existing business process workflow. "The simplicity of the setup of Infiniworx is another AnyDoc innovation," said Samuel Schrage, President of AnyDoc Software. "Users can choose from multiple options to classify, prioritize, route and process their documents." Infiniworx can be set up to classify documents by any of their attributes, including page size, logo, layout, format, text/key words, data, content, or any combination of these methods. This provides one of the most robust engines for an automated and accurate classification solution. Documents can be processed automatically or routed to operators for review if they meet identified criteria (e.g., invoices over $1,000).

"Infiniworx continues to evolve by adding new and innovative tools to address today's business pain," said Schrage. "By adding unattended email processing capabilities, Infiniworx is now equipped to serve as a true in-house digital mailroom," said Schrage.

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