ImageNow 6.3 is now generally available, ready to take business processes another step forward towards the ultimate efficiency and effectiveness.

The latest release from Perceptive Software, creators of ImageNow document management, imaging and workflow solutions, highlights the importance of the partnership between Perceptive Software and its customers, as most of the additions in ImageNow 6.3 were in direct response to product suggestions from current ImageNow customers.

"ImageNow 6.3 focuses on improvements to existing functionality that were based on customer feedback," said Perceptive Software Release Manager Scott Craig. "More than half of all the enhancements in ImageNow 6.3 were from customer ideas."

Perceptive Software's Innovation Forum allows customers to share their ideas for new product ideas and enhancements, track the progress of their suggestions and vote on the value of others' ideas for ImageNow. More than 470 ideas have been submitted via the Innovation Forum, plus thousands more via Legacy Ideas, and many of these are slated for future releases.

Some highlights of ImageNow 6.3 include ImageNow workflow enhancements that further simplify the daily use and administration of ImageNow such as out-of-office routing, ad-hoc parallel routing and improvements to workflow displays.

The ImageNow 6.3 release reflects Perceptive Software's agile methodology approach to software development. Using this methodology, a project team works closely to develop, test and document features. This approach allows the team to respond quickly to changes and results in more regular releases. Craig adds that using this methodology makes the development process more collaborative and manageable.

About Perceptive Software
Since 1995 Perceptive Software has built enterprise content management software, including document management, document imaging and workflow solutions, to help organizations efficiently capture and organize virtually any document, then easily retrieve a precise page at the moment it's needed. For more information, visit


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