Panasonic System Networks Company of America and DocuLex, Inc. announce compatibility of the Panasonic KV-S5055C document imaging scanner with DocuLex Archive Studio content management software. The product combination creates an affordable large-volume capacity system for entities to manage all forms of paper and electronic document's contents via automated and distributive means, providing secure, permission-based accessibility. The products are available from participating Panasonic authorized resellers.

Panasonic KV-S5055C
The KV-S5055C is an A3-size, high speed duplex color document scanner, achieving 90-page per minute scan speed from a 200-page automatic document feeder benefiting both large-volume and distributed document capture environments. Panasonic's unique ToughFeed ultrasonic paper feed mechanism minimizes the possibility of damaging documents of various sizes and consistencies, set in center, left, or right alignment, without the chore of organizing documents according to their size.

In Long Paper Mode, the KV-S5055C accommodates scanning of sheets up to 100 feet long, boosting work efficiency by smoothly scanning long documents including continuous business forms or electrocardiograms.

The unit's self cleaning ion-filled breeze neutralizes any electrical charges on the documents to be scanned, and reduces the amount of paper dust that clings to their surface. This breeze also flows through the paper path and removes dust from the scanning glass to reduce the need for the user to clean the glass.

DocuLex Archive Studio
Archive Studio is an easy to use, browser-based content management program developed for use throughout a business's operations to capture and enable secure content access from any location with convenience of use that is similar, yet easier, than an Internet search engine. Searches may be performed using document specific metadata descriptions, full text content, as well as date ranges, search history, search lists and saved searches. Browser-based file indexing accommodates the business process of adding documents via document scanner or electronically generated files. These documents are in need of structured index values for organized filing, searching and records management. The process of generating crucial index values for records can be performed as a post process from anywhere with via a browser and secure access to documents.

Driven by a convenient dashboard display featuring the program's functions menu, Archive Studio is a workflow enabler, providing users the ability to share and amend native format documents, while organizing and tracking each amended version. The program's WorkSpace allows users to group sets of documents together to be shared with colleagues, and a discussion feature has been added for users to comment on document's content. Auto Notification is available for assignment to files and folders. Users or communities may be automatically notified if files or folders are added, deleted, checked-out, edited, etc. Workflow inbox and folder routing is also enabled, allowing users to customize folder content to meet their business process requirements for routing documents and notifying users to perform their assigned activity.

Documents of any file type may be uploaded directly to Archive Studio, indexed (with additional document identifying metadata added remotely if necessary) for native format storage and ease of access. A Replace/Append Meta field function allows a document file's existing metadata to be replaced or to append new metadata for a specific field.

About Panasonic System Networks Company of America
Based in Secaucus, NJ, Panasonic System Networks Company of America is a unit of Panasonic Corporation of North America, the principal North American subsidiary of Panasonic Corporation (NYSE: PC). A comprehensive business-to-business solutions provider, the company develops and delivers reliable, affordable, and flexible solutions for communication, collaboration, security and productivity. Information is available at

About DocuLex
Incorporated in 1996, Winter Haven, Florida-based DocuLex creates non-proprietary enterprise content management software. See for program information and demonstrations.


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