CVISION Technologies Inc., a leading provider of advanced document capture software, announced the release of PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture 5.0, a Kofax Custom Module that complements Kofax Capture with advanced file compression and superior OCR.

PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture offers highly accurate OCR and dramatic file compression to fully optimize the capabilities of Kofax Capture. Designed specifically for organizations with a high volume of scanned documents, PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture outputs dramatically compressed, web-optimized PDF files that are fully searchable, allowing for greater versatility while integrating seamlessly into existing Kofax Capture document workflows.

The combination of OCR and file compression improves the overall effectiveness of Kofax Capture. With highly accurate OCR, image files can be made text searchable to improve accessibility and retrieval time of information. The compression creates smaller files for easier access and transmission without sacrificing image or data quality. These PDF files are highly accessible, allowing for easier email, location, and storage in a high volume business environment.

PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture uses JBIG2 and JPEG2000 compression formats to achieve maximum compression ratios. Unlike other compression software, PdfCompressor performs equally well with both color and black and white images. In addition, PdfCompressor's highly accurate OCR engine allows users to recognize more characters than average OCR products, enabling users to locate text instantly. Overall, the compression and OCR components of PdfCompressor for Kofax Capture, coupled with features such as advanced image enhancement and PDF/A support, helps create a truly efficient PDF experience.

This release includes the following features:

  • Advanced compression to produce files that are easier to access, transmit, and store
  • Color output up to 100x smaller and black and white up to 10x smaller than typical Kofax Capture output
  • High speed, multi-directional OCR in 60+ languages. The software features OCR in 4 modes, including modes for the highest accuracy and fastest speed
  • Optimization features, including PDF/A compliance, web-optimization, customizable document metadata insertion, and OCR confidence reports
  • Additional new features include blank page removal, auxiliary output format options, and section 508 compliance

CVISION's PdfCompressor with OCR for Kofax Capture is available for free evaluation or purchase directly from CVISION. Please visit or email for more details.

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