Integreon, the largest global provider of integrated legal, research and business solutions, announced the launch of version 4.0 of its eView™ hosted document review platform, newly enhanced with Adaptive Coding technology to automate the categorization, prioritization and batch coding of documents during the e-discovery review process. Integreon's approach combines machine learning techniques with workflow design and analysis consultation to facilitate cost-effective, high-quality reviews for legal departments and law firms.

"We've been building and hosting review systems for more than twelve years, including seven years running managed review services from our own document review centers," said Phil Shellhaas, Director, Discovery Solutions at Integreon. "We're leveraging this experience to now offer Adaptive Coding with the consultative expertise of our seasoned review practitioners. In this way, we're helping our clients to ensure the effective use of this innovative technology within a reliable, best practices framework."

Integreon's Adaptive Coding integrates concept-based categorization technology from Content Analyst within the company's proprietary eView review platform, a hosted application and litigation review database. The technology utilizes latent semantic indexing to automatically identify patterns in the relationships between terms and concepts in order to efficiently conduct reviews for responsiveness and privilege.

"Automated coding is a breakthrough technology for reining in the cost of electronic discovery," said Christine Taylor, Analyst at The Taneja Group. "While the technology itself is certainly impressive, protocols and standards will be needed to govern its usage. The pairing of this technology with process engineering expertise should be an attractive option for organizations concerned about the quality and defensibility of their discovery processes."

Integreon's consultants are available to assist with the design of proven and efficient workflows and processes that align with the specific needs of each client or case. eView can be used independently or can be combined with Integreon's Managed Review services, which are delivered by one of the largest and most knowledgeable global review teams in the industry. Integreon's review team includes an experienced staff of document reviewers comprised of hundreds of lawyers from across Integreon's global delivery centers, including facilities in the U.S., U.K., India and Philippines.

"The launch of eView 4.0 with Adaptive Coding demonstrates our continuing commitment to deliver the best, most innovative discovery services and technologies, including the widest selection of best-of-breed technologies from a single provider," said Al McNee, Global Head, Legal Discovery Services at Integreon. "The breadth of our technology lineup facilitates knowledgeable consulting to better serve our law firm and corporate clients in selecting the right solutions to meet their needs."

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Integreon is the largest and highest-impact provider of integrated legal, research and business support solutions to corporations and law firms. Integreon works collaboratively with its clients to address their specific support needs, including legal process outsourcing and e-discovery/disclosure, market and competitive intelligence, due diligence and other business services. For more information about Integreon's full range of solutions, please visit



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