Solimar Systems, Inc., a leading global provider of production printing and secure electronic document delivery solutions, has announced enhanced functionality for its SOLsearcher™ Enterprise (SSE) product. SSE is a powerful web presentment solution that enables organizations to effectively index, store, search, retrieve, and view large collections of transactional documents. Designed to complement or replace existing print processes, SSE allows users to securely access critical business documents and reports via the web.

"SSE provides organizations with an extremely flexible solution for business-to-business (B2B), business-to-consumer (B2C), and business-to-employee (B2E) electronic delivery and secure archiving of internal reports and customer facing documents," said Mary Ann Rowan, Vice President, and Sales & Marketing. "While SSE is capable of archiving and delivering any file format, most of our clients leverage the benefits and capabilities of PDF files. Our clients understand the advantages of PDF workflows and Solimar's unique compression capabilities. Rather than store large original uncompressed native print files, SSE users are able to store entire print runs as a single efficient compressed PDF file resulting in significant electronic storage savings."

Solimar has expanded e-delivery options in SSE by adding support for PDF email attachments in addition to existing secure links to documents. Though secure links reduce overall network bandwidth requirements, improve performance and allow for greater control and tracking, some international markets prefer email attachments in lieu of an embedded internet hyperlink.

The SSE solution has expanded security options with new password settings and file encryption options. Passwords can be tied to group or individual identities.

Solimar is committed to delivering powerful, ecoActive™ solutions for its customers as demonstrated by SSE and its ability to secure, distribute and manage high value documents electronically via the web in an environmentally-friendly manner.

About Solimar Systems, Inc.
Founded in 1991, Solimar Systems, Inc. is a leading developer of enterprise output management solutions for digital document creation, production and distribution environments. Installed in thousands of sites around the world, including nearly 50% of the Fortune 100, Solimar solutions satisfy a wide range of customer requirements by combining integrated connectivity, data stream transforms, print optimizations, document re-engineering/repurposing and sophisticated print queue management with secure web-based document presentment, distribution and tracking. For more information about Solimar Systems and its market-leading Enterprise Output Management technology, visit


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