Open Text Corporation (NASDAQ: OTEX, TSX: OTC), a global leader in enterprise content management (ECM), announced the release of Open Text Capture Center version 4.0, featuring next-generation document classification and data capture capabilities and deeper integration with the Open Text ECM Suite, giving customers the first end-to-end, fully-integrated solution for automating business transactions.

"With paper documents still making up a large share of an organization's data, having an automated capture system is key to optimizing business processes and lowering costs," said Johannes Schacht, Product Manager, Document Capture Technologies at Open Text. "By making Capture Center part of the ECM Suite, we are delivering the industry's first and only complete transactional content management (TCM) offering. This translates into faster deployment, more functionality and greater return on investment for our customers."

Document classification, data capture and data recognition technologies are used anywhere documents — including purchase orders, insurance claims and vendor invoices, among many others -- need to be routed and information from paper documents extracted. With Capture Center 4, automation starts at the point of entry for incoming documents: in the mailroom. This means information in documents gets to intended destinations almost immediately, compared to slow sorting and delivery of documents followed by error-prone manual keying of information into systems.

Thousands of customers as well as original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) currently rely on Open Text's Capture Center technology. It has been proven to be highly reliable and able to support large-scale operations. With the latest enhancements, it is easier than ever to extract data such as customer numbers or service requests from paper documents and then use that information to automatically launch a business process such as pay an invoice or schedule a service visit.

Competitive offerings often rely on multiple vendors for a complete solution, leaving it up to customers or expensive system integrators to get everything working. In contrast, Open Text delivers fully integrated transactional content management functionality, starting from initial document capture through to robust business process automation and retention functions, all part of the Open Text ECM Suite. What's more, Open Text has close partnerships and deep integrations with leading enterprise software vendors such as SAP, Oracle and Microsoft, ensuring that a business process can span all applications necessary to complete transactions.

Next-Generation Document Recognition, OCR
Capture Center 4 (formerly Captaris DOKuStar Capture Suite) includes numerous recognition modules accessible through an easy-to-use client. It provides classification technology that complements the text-based classification approach used by Enterprise Library Services in the Open Text ECM Suite. The Open Text ECM Suite brings together the broad range of content management capabilities organizations need to securely and safely manage all types of enterprise information documents, vital records, Web content, video, images, email, forms and reports across many different enterprise systems and applications.

Industry-leading capture capabilities provided by Capture Center include machine and hand print recognition with voting character recognition engines, optical character recognition (OCR), intelligent character recognition (ICR), intelligent document recognition (IDR), magnetic ink character recognition (MICR) and other special font recognition, rule based and learning document classification, adaptive recognition, free form data extraction as well as others. Guided manual data entry is supported by patented Single Click Entry technology. By providing a complete technology package with its own components, Open Text is able to fine tune the recognition process yielding very high recognition precision.

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