Kofax plc (LSE:KFX), the leading provider of document driven business process automation solutions, announced a new release of Kofax Express, an all in one scan to archive software package for image capture applications. Release 2.0 offers new features that enhance the application's ease of use and expand its functionality, thereby increasing productivity and significantly reducing operating costs.

"Kofax Express 2.0 reflects our ongoing commitment to invest heavily in document driven business process automation applications across all market segments, from basic image capture to advanced enterprise level solutions," said Jim Nicol, Executive Vice President of Products at Kofax. "Demand for Kofax Express continues to accelerate, especially among small and mid sized organizations. This release strengthens the software, enabling customers to scan and archive documents more quickly and at lower costs."

"Our business depends on our ability to efficiently and effectively automate our clients' paper heavy processes, and Kofax Express helps us do that," said Jennifer Van Hart at Micrographics, Inc., a leading information management service bureau based in Florida. "The software provides a single, turnkey capture solution that is fast, effective, reliable and easy to use and deploy."

Automatic Image File Importing
Release 2.0 optimizes the FolderScan function, which allows the automatic import of image files (TIFF, PDF, JPG, and BMP) from a folder directly into Kofax Express, better enabling capture from sources such as MFPs, fax servers and saved images. This provides users with a time and cost saving single interface to their back end repository for images from all sources.

Improved PDF Support
Now supporting both PDF and PDF/A formats, Kofax Express 2.0's compression maintains crisp, clear color images delivered in file sizes associated with black and white images, leading to quicker downstream processing and improved efficiencies. The software also extends its OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology to expand its searchable PDF capabilities, allowing users to more easily and accurately search for data within PDF documents.

Advanced Database Support
Kofax Express 2.0 offers advanced database support capabilities. This includes the ability to connect to any ODBC (Open Database Connectivity) compliant repositories such as Microsoft Access, SQL Server or Oracle to instantly look up and then populate an index field value, thereby accelerating indexing tasks and improving accuracy. In addition, the software now features an export API that enables the creation of customized export connectors to virtually any repository, allowing users to increase efficiency while cost effectively leveraging existing infrastructure.

About Kofax
Kofax plc (LSE: KFX) is the leading provider of document driven business process automation solutions. For more than 20 years, Kofax has provided award winning solutions that streamline the flow of information throughout an organization by managing the capture, transformation and exchange of business critical information arising in paper, fax and electronic formats in a more accurate, timely and cost effective manner. For more information, visit www.kofax.com.


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