Sitrof Technologies and Content Circles (Menlo Park, CA) announced DocExchange, a secure, peer-to-peer document exchange solution.

DocExchange is a combination of technology and software from Content Circles and Sitrof. Content Circles presents a simple, secure content management and collaboration solution that works the way you do - anytime, anywhere, on your own computer. Sitrof provides a depth and breadth of experience with unstructured content, regulated industries and enterprise rights management. DocExchange is an amalgam of those benefits and creates a premier solution for sharing sensitive and large amounts of content.

"Sitrof takes the Content Circles platform for peer-to-peer document exchange, and with our experience in life sciences and other regulated industries adds the necessary data protection and interface with Microsoft SharePoint to be the most effective, secure, compliant document exchange platform on the market," said Bryan Reynolds, managing partner of Sitrof. "We've implemented this solution at Contract Research Organizations (CRO's) so sensitive clinical trial data and documents can quickly and securely be shared with the pharmaceutical company who commissioned the research study.

DocExchange allows collaboration across firewalls and tracks your content. All content is passed in encrypted blocks for complete privacy and security. Information is never stored anywhere other than member computers. Large files can be shared with ease because there are no file-size limits.

"Sitrof is a strong ally — they have significant industry expertise that they bring to bear in DocExchange," said Sri Chilukuri, CEO of Content Circles. "An increasing number of organizations are looking for an innovative solution like DocExchange to share data as privacy and security concerns continue to escalate."

About Sitrof Technologies
The experts in unstructured data for information management, data protection and compliance, Sitrof brings together people, processes and documents to help clients prosper. To learn more visit

About Content Circles
Content Circles is an innovative provider of secure, easy to use collaboration and content management solutions for teams that span departments, divisions and companies. For more information, please visit

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