GMC Software Technology, a leading provider of customer communications (CCM) and output management solutions, today announced that Business Advantage Group (BAG) has selected GMC Inspire to drive highly personalized marketing campaigns for Volkswagen Bank (VW Bank) in Mexico. As a result, VW Bank can offer existing clients individually tailored offers according to their current situation and needs.

Volkswagen Bank is a subsidiary of Volkswagen Financial Services AG in Germany and offersautomotive financing for Volkswagen brands as well as a portfolio of additional financial services products. The Business Advantage Group (BAG), is an integrated communication services provider in Mexico currently using GMC's software solution for customer communications management.

"With GMC Inspire, we can now offer clients like Volkswagen Bank a wide range of capabilities, faster turnaround times and innovative campaigns," said Cesar Huerta, Creative Director at BAG. "With its ease of use, the solution has helped us achieve massive efficiency gains and we also expect to cut costs by 45%."

GMC Inspire is an award-winning Customer Communications Management (CCM) solution that is designed to help businesses better engage customers and improve the customer experience across multiple channels. The solution enables businesses to streamline processes and consistently deliver relevant communications, at the right time, through the right channel.

GMC Inspire also includes comprehensive content management capabilities for highly regulated industries, allowing businesses to ensure corporate and legislative compliance across all communications. The solution supports a wide range of output channels including email, SMS, social media, web presentment and traditional print channels.

Using GMC Inspire, BAG was able to implement a highly targeted customer retention campaign for VW Bank. The campaign automatically produces personalized credit renewal offers for VW Bank clients. Offers areformulated through precisely matching the client's credit history, status, and their existing vehicle. Using GMC Inspire, both BAG and VW Bank will be able to determine the success of the campaign through closely tracking client responses.

"We are pleased that BAG has been able to quickly see results with GMC Inspire and ultimately deliver value to clients such as VWBank," said Michael Watts, COO, GMC Software Technology. "While initially BAG benefit from print and email campaigns, we are looking forward to helping them move to mobile communication too."

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About GMC Software Technology
GMC Software Technology delivers the most effective solutions in the field of Customer Communications Management (CCM). With unrivalled experience in the industry, GMC has consistently demonstrated the ability to help businesses increase customer engagement across all touch points. The company's CCM platform, GMC Inspire, enables enterprises to deliver relevant communications, at the right time, through the preferred channel for every customer – driving customer loyalty, acquisition and operational efficiency.

GMC Software Technology serves thousands of clients worldwide across the banking, insurance, retail, business services,telco/utilities and healthcare industry. Having received numerous awards in the field of Customer Communi­cations Management, the company is recognized as an industry leader for innovation. For more information, please visit

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