Prinova Inc., a leader in innovative software, document design, development, and delivery solutions, announced its messagepoint™ enterprise message management software will be part of the Docuplus solutions offering. Docuplus enables companies to make high-impact improvements to their customer correspondence quality and effectiveness. Their solutions enable some of the largest organizations to create and deliver millions of customer documents every day. The messagepoint software solution will enable Docuplus customers to deploy dynamic, personalized messaging content through any touchpoint or channel without IT involvement. This will result in improved document processes and significant savings in document costs for their customers.

"We are very proud to welcome Docuplus as a Prinova business partner," said Michael Charest, Vice-President of Worldwide Sales, for Prinova. "Docuplus will be adding the messagepoint software to their solutions offering enabling them to provide their clients with a powerful tool to take advantage of the growing interest in Enterprise Message Management in the U.K. and Western European marketplace."

"The messagepoint software solution is a definite advancement in enabling business users to create, manage, deliver and track personalized messages and content across customer touchpoints and channels," said Colin Richards, Managing Director at Docuplus. "We are excited to add this powerful business solution to our customer communications portfolio which in recent years has increasingly been aimed at the business and marketing user."

The messagepoint enterprise message management software allows business users to integrate marketing, educational, behavioral, financial and other personalized messages directly onto customer touchpoints turning them into valuable communication tools for the enterprise.

Using either specific messaging "Zones" or full page "onserts", content can be targeted and personalized down to the customer level replacing less effective options such as correspondence, direct mail and inserts.

In addition to the daily management of the messages, messagepoint's Performance Management capability provides a reporting dashboard that allows users to measure the effectiveness of their campaigns and quickly view information such as who received what messages, when they received them, and how they received them. Messages and campaigns can also be measured against the numbers qualified, delivered and responded to. This 360 degree view will provide valuable insight into their campaigns.

About Docuplus
Docuplus enables companies to make high-impact improvements to their customer correspondence quality and effectiveness. Our expertise spans all stages of the document lifecycle, encompassing both leading edge and legacy solutions, ensuring that Docuplus can enable our clients to meet their current and future business objectives and adhere to compliance and regulatory requirements. For more information, visit

About Prinova
Prinova Inc. provides innovative software, document design, development, and delivery solutions for the document delivery market. Prinova's messagepoint enterprise message management solution enables marketers and other business users to bridge the gap between Enterprise CRM tools and document composition engines. For more information, visit

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