Crawford Technologies Inc., an award-winning provider of transactional customer communication document solutions, announced that it has launched QR Express, a module for its Transpromo Express product that enables the application of QR Codes to bills, statements and other transactional customer communications. This new module will allow clients to set up automated processes to create and apply these codes in a matter of days. QR Codes (short for Quick Response) can store up to 4KB of data. When scanned with a smart phone, it directs consumers to specific web pages to present them with targeted offers for new products, services or service information. Companies employing this technology can expect to enhance revenues, profitability and customer retention, and see a rapid ROI on both reactive and proactive marketing campaigns.

"With the proliferation of smart phones, QR Codes are quickly becoming an efficient way for our clients to target their valuable customers. With QR Codes they are able to quickly present their customers with retention offers, promotional campaigns, product information as well as to execute vital service functions, all without them having to engage significant IT resources and disrupt existing billing processes," said Ernie Crawford, President, Crawford Technologies Inc., "We focus on delivering solutions that directly address the problems our clients are facing, and QR Express is our newest offering to help them quickly and inexpensively respond to competitive pressures, continue growing their business and provide better service to their customers."

CrawfordTech's QR Express is an optional module to its popular Transpromo Express product. With Transpromo Express, existing print files can be enhanced without needing to modify the originating applications and systems. Transpromo Express enables CrawfordTech clients to more cost effectively and rapidly implement Transpromo marketing campaigns by significantly reducing I.T. resource utilization and project duration. With the addition of the QR Express module, clients rapidly respond to market conditions, fully leverage product launches and efficiently present critical service information to their customers.

The QR Express module for TransPromo Express takes advantage of the smart phone technology that is so prevalent today. With smart phone users being tech savvy and comfortable with electronic media, market data have shown that when presented with pertinent, targeted offers, they show high propensity to respond positively. Unlike direct mail or inserts, QR Code-based campaigns drive customers directly to customized web pages, enabling any level of one to one marketing through the bills, statements, and other transactional documents that organizations are already sending. By enabling the application of QR Codes without engaging a lengthy I.T. project, CrawfordTech clients are able to quickly and inexpensively deliver content that is highly personal, targeted, relevant and valuable to the specific customer.

About Crawford Technologies Inc.
Since 1995, Crawford Technologies' award-winning solutions have helped over 700 companies around the world reduce costs associated with communications processes by delivering bills, statements and other mission-critical transactional communications to their customers in the format they need, when they need it. This includes alternate format documents in Braille, Large Print, Audio and E-text for visually impaired and print-disabled customers. Please visit to find out more about CrawfordTech's clients, people, partners and solutions.

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