Babbobox and Clevertime-Consulting are announcing a strategic partnership that will make the general availability of Babbobox and VideoSpace Software and Services in the European Union region.

Since 1995, Clevertime-Consulting ( has been specializing in helping European organizations to be more efficient in the execution of their business rules so that fixed costs are brought to a minimum. This is achieved by a strict control of documents and the data they carry as well as managing processes and intelligent searches in order to find the information that is necessary.

According to studies, by 2019, 80% of internet traffic will be video. However, there is still no cost-effective way of searching video content. This is where the market is waiting for a technology like Babbobox and VideoSpace to fulfill these demand for search. Babbobox is targeted specifically at the enterprise storage level and VideoSpace at the “Enterprise YouTube” market segment, especially since both software have European language capabilities (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese)

Babbobox ( is the next generation of intelligent enterprise storage with the most powerful Search Engine in the world. Babbobox Search is the only unified search engine in the world that enables enterprises to "Search Everything" - allowing enterprises to search INSIDE all their digital assets - documents, audio and video files.

VideoSpace ( is one of the most advanced video platform that allows customers stream, watch, search and translate video. Also included as part of VideoSpace Services, is the world's first Video-Search-as-a-Service (VSaaS) where customers can pick and choose one or more areas that customers would like us to analyze. Our Video Search service focuses on 6 main areas: Speech Recognition, Words or Text, Motion Detection, Face Detection, Emotion Detection and Offensive Content Detection.

“We are delighted to have Clevertime-Consulting as our first strategic partner for the EU market.” Says Alex Chan, Babbobox CEO “Clevertime-Consulting has a long and rich history in helping European enterprises, we are confident that this partnership will meet the increasing multimedia needs of European customers – in terms of video and enterprise storage.”

"This partnership is all a company like ours could wish for. I am still speechless with the expanded horizons Babbobox solutions will allow European customers, private and governmental, to achieve," stated Joao Penha-Lopes, CEO of CleverTime-Consulting LLC.

With this strategic partnership, European enterprises will have access to these ground-breaking, innovative video search and generation of intelligent enterprise storage services. With the exponential growth in video content, this partnership is poised to meet these increasing global media demands.

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