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This past week, content services provider Nuxeo unveiled a slew of enhanced features to their cloud-native, low-code platform. This latest edition, billed as LTS 2019, introduces an increased focus on artificial intelligence (AI) services, tighter integrations with office productivity apps, and intelligent content connectivity. According to Nuxeo Chief Product and Marketing Officer Chris McLaughlin, “Nuxeo has long been a widespread exponent of artificial intelligence, and the improvements we’ve made in AI and other areas with LTS 2019 enable us to deliver the industry’s most modern and extensible Content Services Platform.”

As of late, Nuxeo has been refocusing its development efforts on the user, with the intention to simplify implementation, interoperability, usability, and transparency across the enterprise. While the average user typically doesn't care how and where information is stored so long as they can find it when it's needed, management teams tend to be more interested in ways to improve operational efficiency, decrease error rates, and improve the customer experience. It appears that Nuxeo has heard the message and is moving to meet those expectations through LTS 2019 with features that include:
  • A strengthened AI framework that allows Nuxeo customers to employ custom data models to deliver improved business insights for operational decision-making. This new framework also sets a more solid foundation for Microsoft Office 365 integration, enabling AI functionality for advanced metadata and permissions management and improved search while editing files from within the Office 365 suite.
  • Identification of similar content through “more like this” queries, which supports intelligent search across a repository for content that’s similar to a given image, document, case, or other business object being requested. This approach increases the probability of finding all of the required information while decreasing the number of queries or refined searches needed to resolve the request.
  • A Bulk Action Framework that allows customers to execute custom actions on large volumes of content. This Kafka-based streaming infrastructure is designed for organizations that have specific needs around bulk or volume processing of content or data, such as finding and presenting document sets or launching various business actions based on a document set. In these examples, business processes are automated based on the Bulk Action Framework, streamlining operations and gaining standardization and consistency in business practices.
The release of LTS 2019 reflects a reinforcement of Nuxeo’s focus on the user community in relation to supporting a blended, flexible, and ever-expanding information ecosystem that could become unbearably complex to navigate. LTS 2019 appears to provide an approach that both strengthens the ecosystem and simplifies user interactions.

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