Nuxeo has been positioned as a “Leader” in the Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Content Platforms, 2020. This is the second year in a row the company landed a spot in the leaders’ category. The report, which evaluated 12 major providers in the space, also positions Nuxeo furthest to the right on the strategy axis, which we believe is due in large part to the company’s continuing focus on artificial intelligence.

“Artificial intelligence is having an increasing impact on content services. Nuxeo developed its own AI service, Nuxeo Insight, which allows customers to easily train machine-learning models with their own content and data. The service can provide significant advantages in the market by generating specific results for things like claims processing, product identification, and customer service,” said Jim Lundy, CEO and Lead Analyst, Aragon Research.

The report also acknowledges that Nuxeo is “pushing the envelope in content analytics" and cites a number of key strengths, including overall scalability and support for rich media (video and image content).

“We’re always grateful when our best-in-class innovation is acknowledged by leading industry analysts like the team at Aragon,” said Eric Barroca, CEO of Nuxeo. “We have developed advanced AI capabilities that are bringing incredible value to our customers, and helping to solve some long-standing challenges in the content management space. We offer one of the most modern Content Services Platforms in the market today, and will continue to innovate to ensure it stays that way.”

In 2019, Nuxeo launched two new cloud services: its AI service entitled Nuxeo Insight and Nuxeo Transformation services – a fully elastic cloud service for rendering and transforming content and digital assets at extreme scale. The company also added connectors for Sitecore and Aspera, as well as Glacier support for deep archiving in the cloud. And, in early 2020, the company enhanced its Insight service with a compelling new UI that offers a point-and-click experience for training, deploying and administering machine-learning models.

“We are continuing to drive the innovation agenda in the Content Services market with a number of new services and integrations,” said Christopher McLaughlin, Chief Product and Marketing Officer at Nuxeo. “Now more than ever, content management is vital – not only to our customers’ success, but to their continued operations. Our platform plays a critical role in helping businesses become digital, to persevere in tough circumstances, and to thrive in better times.”

A full report of the Aragon Research Globe™ for Enterprise Content Platform, 2020 can be found here.

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