Quadient has been positioned as a Leader in the 2022 Aspire Leaderboard™ of customer communications management (CCM) and customer experience management (CXM) vendors. This is the fifth consecutive year Quadient has earned the distinction. Aspire, a leading international consulting firm specializing in CCM and CXM industries, features five interactive grids in its 2022 Leaderboard, placing vendors into categories to help identify the best solution to meet an organization’s current and future needs. Quadient is recognized as a Leader on both the AnyPrem CCM Software, and Vendor Hosted SaaS CCM grids, as well as a Leader in the grid for Communications Experience Platform (CXP).

    Quadient’s lead in AnyPrem CCM Software and Vendor Hosted SaaS CCM comes less than one year after its May 2021 introduction of Inspire Evolve, a high-performance SaaS CCM solution. The launch of Inspire Evolve was a major part of the company’s corporate strategy to bring to market a cloud solution with the fastest time to value for customers.

    “Quadient has been on an ambitious cloud-native, anyprem strategy, with several UX improvements and a continuous push towards customer experience, which has resulted in a new positioning of its Inspire platform,” commented Kaspar Roos, CEO & Founder of Aspire. “In our analysis we were particularly impressed with the pace at which its SaaS solution, Inspire Evolve, is developing and how its customer journey suite uniquely integrates with the company’s design environment to deliver insights from every touchpoint and channel across the entire lifecycle into the hands of CX professionals.”

    Quadient’s commitment to provide what organizations need to leverage the evolving convergence of CCM with CXM has spurred the company to invest in the development of advanced, cloud-based solutions that combine the benefits of automation and intelligent communication while simplifying workflows. Quadient’s Intelligent Communication Automation (ICA) platform brings together cloud software solutions for customer communications management, customer journey mapping and financial communication automation (accounts payable and accounts receivable). In addition to Inspire Evolve, Quadient’s CCM/CXM solutions include Inspire Flex, Inspire Journey and Quadient Impress.

    The Aspire Leaderboard recognized these efforts by going a level deeper in its analysis, featuring Quadient as a leader when further filtering is applied to view segmented grids for journey management and omni-channel orchestration and a leader in segmented grids for most verticals.

    “We are honored to be once again recognized as a Leader in the Aspire Leaderboard,” said Chris Hartigan, chief solution officer, ICA, Quadient. “Quadient’s unwavering dedication to providing our customers what they need to successfully navigate a market that is evolving at such great speed—and turning this commitment into a company-wide culture—is undeniably responsible for much of our company’s success in our rankings on this year’s Aspire Leaderboard.”

    In honor of its Aspire Leaderboard achievements, Quadient is sponsoring complimentary, 30-day premium Leaderboard portal access. To secure premium access, visit: www.quadient.com/resources/score-free-premium-access-2022-aspire-ccm-cxm-leaderboard.

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