May 9 2023 08:46 AM

Simplifying AP Processes with Artificial Intelligence

Square 9 Softworks announced that its new, AI-assisted capture solution, TransformAI, now supports line item data extraction.

Designed for accounts payable documents, TransformAI will use the captured data in tangent with other applications to help organizations manage their payables at a much more detailed level. This is especially relevant for organizations that manage and track inventory or perform line item general ledger coding and matching with purchase orders or delivery receipts.

It’s been about 3 months since TransFormAI first launched in late January, and the solution has already been making waves in Square 9’s user community. With a tested capture accuracy of 99.3% and eliminating templates from the solution cost, new and existing Square 9 customers have quickly recognized the solution’s value. By accurately extracting information at this level, businesses can confidently replace manual data entry by sharing this information with their financial and enterprise resource planning solutions.

“Removing the need for templates significantly reduces the cost of implementing capture solutions for invoices. When adding a new vendor, it's no longer necessary to create a new template as that process has been eliminated,” says Stephen Young, President and CEO of Square 9. “Now, with support for line item data, customers who need more detailed information can extract those line items individually and process them separately.”

With a growing library of solutions and regular improvements to its current line, Square 9 continues to live up to its commitment to providing innovative solutions. For more information on TransformAI, visit:

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