ibml announced that Scanning America, a leading provider of document conversion services, has improved its competitiveness, kept its unit costs low, and enhanced the quality of its images by deploying ibml's ImageTrac® 3e-Lite document scanner. The scanner also helped the service bureau increase its throughput per operator by 300 percent. Scanning America is using the ImageTrac 3e-Lite to scan all types of documents, including those for financial, health care and human resources applications.

    Scanning America was established in 1990 to provide conversion services to private industry and government agencies. Since that time, the company has scanned over a billion images. Using state-of-the-art scanning equipment, its production center can operate 24 hours a day.

    "ibml scanners will further enhance our competitiveness by keeping us cost effective and allowing us to produce the highest quality images in a timely manner," said Lee Embrey, vice president of Scanning America. "The pocketing and sorting capabilities of the ImageTrac 3e-Lite also give us the ability to go after certain business that we couldn't target before."

    After an evaluation of other scanners, Scanning America selected the ImageTrac 3e-Lite based on its high-quality images, excellent paper feeding and double-feed detection, and open paper path that reduces jams. The ImageTrac 3e-Lite is also easy to deploy, use and maintain. Scanning America was in live production with the device just 10 days after contract signing.

    In addition, the ImageTrac 3e-Lite has effectively handled the wide range of documents (in terms of age and condition) that Scanning America processes for its clients. Embrey said he also has been impressed with the strong service provided by ibml: "We had a particularly tight implementation deadline, and our first unit was installed and productive very quickly."

    "We are pleased that prominent users such as Scanning America continue to discover the value provided by the ImageTrac 3e-Lite," said Jim Bunn, business development manager, ibml. "Our solutions address needs at both ends of the service bureau market, from straightforward scanning and back-file conversion to complex scanning and data collection."

    With today's announcement, ibml now has more than 12 U.S. service bureau customers — representing over 24 installed sites — using its document scanning and data capture solutions.

    The ImageTrac 3e-Lite -- the newest ibml scanner -- delivers a reliable and easy-to-use scanning solution that organizations need to drive process improvements from the point of capture. A competitively priced, one-pocket with out-sort tray scanner, the ImageTrac 3e-Lite is ideal for remote offices and lower-volume applications. At its core are many of the same features that distinguish ibml's high-speed scanners, including exceptional document feeding, high quality images and out-sorting capabilities. Combined with ibml's higher-speed devices, the ImageTrac 3e-Lite can be a critical part of an enterprise document scanning strategy.

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    ibml provides intelligent scanning and document capture solutions that drive business process improvements from the point of capture -- whether it's a high-volume centralized operation or a remote office.

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