Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS) announced the availability of Drivve | Image Toshiba Edition and Drivve | DM. Drivve | Image is a flexible, customizable suite of tools for capturing and processing document images and the information they contain. Various features, or modules, can be configured into scan profiles for an entire organization, specific departments, and even individual users. The solution suite supports two-way communication with an organization's information infrastructure based on Toshiba e-BRIDGE Open Platform technology.

"What makes this solution suite so exceptional is the flexibility and functionality that it delivers," said Joseph Contreras, director, Product and Solutions Marketing, TABS. "It results in both time and cost-savings for the entire business in one comprehensive offering that is simple to install and deploy. Its ease of use and integration directly into the control panel of the Toshiba MFP greatly improves the overall user experience."

Drivve | Image Toshiba Edition modules include:

  • Scanner Power Tools (SPT): The core feature of the solutions suite, SPT connects the Toshiba e-BRIDGE MFP to the network, enabling administrators to automate complex tasks with simple scan profiles. Includes: image correction and enhancement, Bates Stamping, automatic document separation using barcodes, blank-page deletion/separation, file format conversion, browse network folders for scanning/printing, automate indexing and intelligent filename generation, and more.
  • Universal Database Connector (for SPT): This connector uses ODBC technology to plug directly into 98 percent of all databases, enabling the user to pull existing information and apply it to the task at hand. Efficiency is gained by eliminating the need for users to input redundant information, thus reducing human error.
  • Exchange | Fax Connector: This solution is designed to allow users to connect seamlessly with Microsoft Exchange and provides standardized integration with a host of popular fax servers.
  • Barcode Module (for SPT): This solution enables the MFP to instantly read and understand 1D and 2D barcodes so documents can be routed and processed immediately and appropriately.
  • OCR Module (for SPT): OCR converts TIFF scans to searchable PDFs that can be encrypted to ensure confidentiality. It also can auto-rotate imperfectly scanned documents, and Drivve | Image Zonal OCR can process information within defined sections of a scanned document.
  • SharePoint Connector: This connector helps seamlessly integrate Toshiba MFPs with a company's SharePoint system.

Drivve | DM
Drivve | DM is a browser-based document management solution that allows users to easily index, archive, search, retrieve, and access documents from anywhere with an Internet connection through any major browser. Drivve | DM, like Drivve | Image Toshiba Edition, is incredibly user-friendly and requires little, if any, training to use. Administrators of this hosted application don't have to hassle with installation and back-up schedules, and can easily configure settings, create users and user groups, assign rights, and handle maintenance, all with little overhead. Drivve | DM's object-oriented document vault offers the highest level of document and access security. Drivve | DM has an iPhone application which is fully-compatible with the iPod and iPad, so end- users can easily view documents at any time, from anywhere using the user-friendly interface.

About TABS
Toshiba America Business Solutions Inc. (TABS) is an independent operating company of Toshiba Corporation, the seventh largest electronics/electrical equipment company in the world. TABS manages product planning, marketing, sales, service support and distribution of copiers, facsimiles, multifunction printing products, network controllers, and toner products throughout the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Latin America, and the Caribbean. For more information on Toshiba products, programs, solutions and services, please visit


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