AnyDoc Software, Inc., an industry-leading developer of automated document, data capture, and classification solutions, announced today it has released the latest version of AnyDocCAPTUREit 5.0 to enhance local and remote document capture capabilities.

AnyDoc CAPTUREit allows documents to be scanned on a local area network or from remote locations and sent via the Internet for processing at a central location—reducing delays in document processing cycles and eliminating postage and handling costs. CAPTUREit can be completely tailored to maximize operator productivity and business efficiency. CAPTUREit also seamlessly integrates into the AnyDoc Software suite of products for automating data capture.

The latest CAPTUREit features an intuitive, redesigned user interface that can be customized by users with a personal layout tailored to specific production needs. The new interface requires minimal training to learn and maintain, eliminating expensive training and programming costs, resulting in a lower cost of ownership.

Additionally, CAPTUREit 5.0 enhancements include security options which enable users to mirror information from their Windows Active Directory users and groups for quick and easy setup. Users can also be automatically logged-out after a station becomes idle for a specified period of time, preventing unauthorized use.

CAPTUREit now features Profile Distribution, a means to centrally administer changes to a profile and distribute this information throughout an organization. A profile contains the configurations for processing a particular document type such as invoices. With profile distribution, a profile can be adjusted and the new version automatically updated to all remote capture stations, without additional operator intervention.

CAPTUREit's new communication is another important tool for remote capture users, adding increased visibility into documents being processed in OCR for AnyDoc as well as when data is moved into the back-end system. OCR for AnyDoc eliminates time-consuming and costly manual data entry by automating the capture of data from nearly any business document.

After documents are transferred to OCR for AnyDoc from CAPTUREit, the operator is notified when processing begins, is completed, or is deleted. AnyDocEXCHANGEit then moves data into a wide range of back-end systems and notifies the CAPTUREit operator when complete. If no data extraction is required by OCR for AnyDoc, CAPTUREit can initiate an EXCHANGEit job directly, allowing documents to be scanned and immediately transferred into a back-end repository.

"This enhanced communication is one more way we are meeting customers' requests and continuing to improve business processes. Easy-to-customize enhancements such as profile distribution also provide a lower cost of ownership," said Ken Kriz, manager of strategic alliances for AnyDoc. "Today's businesses have an even greater demand to generate an ROI, and the best way to do this is by optimizing every step of a company's process."

CAPTUREit's Quality Assure (QA) phase ensures clean images, increasing data recognition and readability. The new distributed QA feature allows workers other than scan operators to perform QA on documents, increasing the speed with which images and information are made available to other applications, allowing quicker business decisions. An operator can display both sides of a scanned image. Enhanced multi-stream support allows a user to view both a color and a black and white image simultaneously. One or both of these images can be routed to its final destination at the profile level, allowing different document types to be routed to their appropriate directories.

In addition to patch pages, barcodes can be used as separators to mark the beginning of a batch of documents or a document set. And, at the output stage, new features have also been added to allow for creation of searchable PDFs, PDF/A files, and accessible, or tagged PDFs. These new PDF options allow files to be searched and easily retrieved from any back-end system, without delays in business workflow.

And, AnyDocMANAGEit, which allows real-time monitoring of batch level status, station activity, pending work, and more for the AnyDoc suite of products and solutions, now completes the processing picture, allowing CAPTUREit users to automatically distribute updated versions of CAPTUREit software to each station.

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AnyDoc Software has been developing award-winning document, data capture, and classification solutions since 1989. Thousands of companies worldwide rely on AnyDoc solutions to eliminate millions of hours of manual data entry while improving their productivity and data accuracy. For additional information, please visit


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