Lisa Meath

Lisa Meath is a Director at ISG with Enterprise Print Services. She works with organizations to determine the strategy that best meets their long-term objectives for print, communications, document management, and e-delivery requirements—be it through process efficiency, optimization, vendor selection, consolidation, or sourcing strategies. Lisa leverages 25+ years of experience in strategic and operational roles with Saatchi & Saatchi, Xerox, and privately held print consultant companies.
Digital Mailbox - DOCUMENT Strategy
April 25 2017
For the past six or seven years, there has been much talk about digital mailboxes but few published examples of enterprises using them. During a recent request for proposal (RFP) process, three of the...
Move over managed print services - DOCUMENT Strate
Jan. 12 2017
Every enterprise today depends on, uses, and exchanges a significant amount of information. Think about it: proposals, contracts, presentations, invoices, orders, reports, daily correspondences, emails,...