Edward Crowley

Mr. Crowley has more than 30 years of experience in the high-tech industry, including key leadership positions at Texas Instruments, IntelliQuest, QMS, DataProducts and Lexmark. He has led in the development of numerous firsts, including the first online research panel, the first high-tech market research panel, the first standalone Ethernet print server, the first solid ink printer and one of the first tandem technology color LED printers.

Mr. Crowley is a member of the International Society of Service Innovation Professionals and certified as a New Product Development Professional by the Product Development and Management Association. He is a speaker at conferences worldwide on the topics of brand strategy, the hardcopy market and creating value through service offerings. He is the executive director of the non-profit philanthropy, the Photizo Foundation, and a founding member of the Managed Print Services Association. He was also award winning while serving as technology editor for PDMA’s Vision magazine.

Sept. 1 2015
Predictive analytics is the big “buzzword” in much of the industry today, and the imaging market is no exception. While still profitable, our margins are under pressure on almost all fronts....
May 28 2015
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April 8 2015
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Feb. 19 2015
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Jan. 22 2015
There’s an old proverb that describes how a foolish builder constructs his house’s foundation on sand. When the rain comes, water rises and winds blow, the house falls with a great crash. However,...
Dec. 9 2014
You have likely heard time and again about the benefits a managed print service engagement can bring to your organization. Outsourcing your print and document process should undoubtedly save you money...
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  • Personalizing things is not new. We have engraved items and composed personal letters and communications for centuries, but can we do this economically and efficiently?
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  • Artificial intelligence’s (AI) emergence as a transformation catalyst has redefined the landscape of industries and processes
  • In today’s market, customers have more choices than ever. Robust internet access has made it easier to find alternative providers