ECRM announced the launch of WorkMates™ 4.0, an entry-level workflow solution that greatly enhances the production capabilities of prepress operators. With WorkMates 4.0, users are provided more automated features that control job priorities, file archiving and deletion choices, and defined workflow mapping for files, and greater access to job history information.

"WorkMates is specifically engineered to help small to mid-sized commercial printers to simplify and automate standard production tasks," notes ECRM Director of Product Management John Marzec. "There isn't a more affordable workflow solution to address these basic prepress needs. What customers like is that WorkMates is scalable. If a printer decides that they want stochastic screening or color critical ICC matched proofs, all they need to do is add a plug-in module. WorkMates simplifies digital prepress workflow issues and increases efficiency through significantly reduced prepress, make-ready and production times."

Workflow Management Features
WorkMates 4.0 offers several new workflow management features, including:

  • Copy Sourcing: The new "Copy Source" feature enables users to copy files automatically to other folders in the workflow, as soon as they arrive into a designated hot folder, enabling a more robust and complex workflow;
  • Copy Source: The new "Copy Source" feature enables users to copy files automatically to other folders in the workflow, when they reach the 'Done' state in the current hot folder, enabling a more robust and complex workflow;
  • Copy Destination: This enhancement allows RIPed output files (PDF or Tiff) to be copied to other folders in the workflow. For example, the TIFF output file sent to proof is the exact same TIFF file that is sent to plate, leveraging the ROOM feature (Rip Once Output Many) of WorkMates;
  • The On Hold Feature: This "put-on-hold" feature garners greater control for production managers by preventing jobs from being automatically processed. This is especially appreciated for jobs requiring approval or unique alterations or applications.
  • Job Archiving: Production files can now be automatically archived directly from a workflow folder of choice, ensuring all files are available for future use.
  • Job Deletion Policy: Jobs can be deleted based on rules set up by the prepress manager;
  • Priority Control: Operators can define priority of various workflow folders allowing for greater attention to predetermined projects.

Job Management
New job management features include:

  • Job Tracking and History Database: Operators have greater access to job elements and details, allowing viewing of a job's entire history and details throughout the workflow;
  • Imposition Template Printing: This enables prepress operators to communicate job imposition information to the pressroom by printing imposition templates from any Windows-based desktop printer;
  • Enhanced CtServer Client Controls: Operators gain greater control of CtServer jobs and Queue/Property for enabling or disabling features;
  • New Job Management Controls: Operators can set/change priority and deletion policy, archive individual jobs, and redirect PDF or Tiff output files;
  • Enhancements focusing on streamlining imposition: Including the addition of a Favorites menu pick that simplifies imposition selection for commonly used imposition.

About ECRM
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