Kern, a global leader in high-speed, end-to-end production mail solutions is pleased to announce, Kern EDGE the Electronic Document Gateway for the Enterprise. Kern EDGE offers a line of software as a service (SaaS) document management solutions for document archiving, access, workflow, business application integration, and e-delivery for transactional documents. The highly configurable Kern EDGE platform provides subscription-based document management in the cloud for businesses, large and small.

To meet the e-delivery demands of companies that do not want to forfeit their relationships with their customers to a digital mail consolidator, EDGEmail is a SaaS solution for seamlessly creating electronic statements and delivering them to customers. In addition to e-delivery, EDGEmail is a fully functional production mail archiving system for record keeping and making documents accessible to customers for extended periods. Unlike other digital delivery offerings, the monthly subscription has a ceiling that allows mailers to drastically reduce costs without incremental costs for each statement.

EDGE consists of five products that build on the foundation of EDGEdock, which acts as the central repository for document storage and retrieval with the capability to function as a stand alone document archive. EDGEline enhances the mobility of documents and is configured to your specific business rules. For businesses that have made a significant investment in ERP and ECM systems, EDGEsync works with existing business applications to provide instant access to support documents. This allows companies to extend the life of their enterprise software systems without additional capital investment.

In addition to EDGEmail, EDGEpost is an electronic document management service for handling inbound mail. EDGEpost is an ideal solution for organizations that spend significant time and resources distributing mail to employees.

"Kern EDGE extends our ability to help customers manage their documents and deliver their critical communications in both digital and physical formats," said Dave Squires, Sr, Vice President, Strategy. "Mail communications today are delivered in two channels and consumers should have the freedom to choose the method that fits their lifestyle. EDGEmail is our solution for mailers that must reduce their print and mail costs but can not wait for consumers to decide if they want to sign up for another email service disguised as a digital mailbox."

Kern offers complete document scanning and indexing services through their partnership with Accu-Image, a leader in document management technology and services.

About Kern
Kern, Inc., provider of the fastest, most reliable production mail inserting systems and the only company to guarantee 10 years of production grade output, is located in Columbus, Ohio. Kern manufactures, distributes, services, and supports its production mail solutions, worldwide. For more information, visit or call 1-888-KERN.INC.

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