Business Imaging Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise-wide information management solutions, unveiled Formsoft™ — an e-form software solution that "takes the office anywhere" with its ability to process forms in the field. Formsoft runs on any Windows® tablet or computer, enabling businesses to collect and instantly upload form data, and initiate workflows at the point of transaction.

"Formsoft allows our clients to consolidate a multistep process into one smooth workflow," said Dan Rotelli, president of Business Imaging Systems. "Tablets have become such an integral part of everyday business processes and, with access to e-forms on tablets, users can take their business anywhere. The freedom of paperless forms and the ability to initiate workflows from the field provide for increased efficiency and improved decision-making."

To address the specific forms processing needs of any business, e-forms used in Formsoft are completely customizable with the drag-and-drop Formsoft Designer. Forms can integrate real-time database lookups and dropdown lists for accurate and efficient data entry. Formsoft integrates handwriting recognition technology; when fields are populated using a stylus, Formsoft automatically converts the handwritten text into digital text.

Forms no longer need to be scanned and indexed into a data repository, as was the case with paper-based forms and labor-intensive manual processes. With Formsoft, form data can be uploaded directly into EMC® ApplicationXtender®, saved to the user's computer, or e-mailed to a client or employee as a PDF, PNG or JPEG. Business Imaging Systems' Professional Services team can assist clients in setting up these custom workflow processes.

About Business Imaging Systems, Inc.
Business Imaging Systems helps its clients make the information that drives everyday operations more accessible, usable and secure. They do this by offering one of the most diverse and trusted product portfolios in the industry, a comprehensive suite of services, and a team of professionals who design, build, deploy and maintain custom IT solutions. BIS was founded in 1986 and is headquartered in Edmond, Okla. For more information, visit

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