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OpenText announced the availability of OpenText Release 16 Enhancement Pack 4 (EP4) earlier this month, which is designed to enhance its existing security, artificial intelligence (AI), Internet of things (IoT), and cloud support capabilities. The new offering helps enterprises move to a hybrid cloud or on-site cloud environment. An important part of EP4 is its enhanced security features, which supports building trust between customers and suppliers amidst the increasing threat of cyberattacks and data breaches.

Another major component of EP4 is OpenText Magellan, which introduces analytics capabilities via connectors to the content services platform. The analytics platform provides seamless integration between content mining and extended data loading for information that is stored in a company’s enterprise information management solution.

According to Mark J. Barrenechea, OpenText Vice Chair, CEO, and CTO, “Release 16 EP4 creates new opportunities for our customers to leverage the power of hybrid cloud, IoT, AI, and automation to improve the way they securely operate and innovate.”

Gartner: ECM Is Now Dead—Long Live Content Services

In January 2017, Gartner analyst Michael Woodbridge boldly announced that “Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is now dead. It’s been replaced by the term Content Services, a strategic concept that covers three aspects, namely Content Services Applications, Platforms, and Components.” In the past, ECM was thought of mostly as a technology that allowed employees to strategically store, manage, and access content. In today’s world, ECM is seen as content services that focus on improving business processes, leveraging structured and unstructured data, and simplifying collaboration within enterprises and with partners and customers.

Just as important is the shift from on-site solutions to hybrid or cloud solutions. Previously, OpenText stated that “The future of ECM is in the cloud, and our strategy is to support our customers with a roadmap that allows them to leverage existing investments made in on-premises application as they move toward their cloud future.” The enhancements in EP4 not only helps fulfill OpenText’s vision of leveraging the power of hybrid cloud and on-site cloud technology, it helps customers take advantage of advances in IoT, AI, and automation, which protects customers' assets from data breaches.

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