Microsoft Flow with Ephesoft OpenAPIs

Today, Ephesoft announced the release of Swagger/OpenAPI-web services for Ephesoft Transact, the company’s document capture and data extraction solution. Billed as a developer-friendly smart capture integration, the new offering is being demonstrated at the Microsoft Inspire 2018 partner conference. This latest service simplifies integration of Ephesoft’s document capture solutions into any OpenAPI-compliant application (known as the world's standard for defining RESTful interfaces), including Microsoft Flow, K2, and Nintex. According to Ephesoft, the new solution makes it easy for “developers and non-developers alike to leverage Ephesoft Transact to classify documents and extract information via a simple web services interface.”

For Ephesoft, a provider of cloud-based document capture and analytics technology, the announcement highlights the importance of simplifying the complexity of coding software for web developers by using RESTful APIs. Today, RESTful APIs are used for creating web services that allow computer systems to communicate over the Internet.

As companies look for ways to leverage existing and new digital content, the ability to extract value from content, especially in productivity applications such as Microsoft's Office 365, reduces operational costs and provides valuable insights. As Ike Kavas, Founder and CEO at Ephesoft, noted in a recent interview with DOCUMENT Strategy, “Intelligent document capture handles a wide variety of document content, and it's smart enough to be able to categorize, sort, and extract data so you don't have to do it with labor-intensive processes.”

Stephen Boals, Vice President of Business Development at Ephesoft, noted that the new solution makes it easier to take advantage of OpenAPIs. “This new Ephesoft offering enables simplified integration and capture enablement of just about any OpenAPI-compliant application, including Microsoft Flow, and you don’t have to be a developer to use this technology.”

Rob Goodman is a staff writer at DOCUMENT Strategy. He covers information management, collaboration, and digital technologies. He is a communications professional who has always been intrigued by how technology shapes our world. Follow him on Twitter @rgoodman1.