Stephanie Pieruccini

Stephanie Pieruccini is a Senior Manager of Product for OpenText CCM. In this role, she is responsible for CCM Orchestration for OpenText Exstream as well as the StreamServe and Exstream platform solutions. Her experience comes from a strong knowledge of communication and production management from creation through delivery acquired from covering the print, marketing and customer communications management (CCM) markets as an analyst and consultant with InfoTrends as well as serving as the channel development manager for CCM and digital transformation solutions at Neopost USA (Now Quadient). She has also spent time managing product portfolios for Crawford Technologies document transformation and reengineering, workflow and accessibility as well as leading product for provider communications as part of Change Healthcare's communication management and delivery services.
Jan. 10 2022
In a world filled with mobile smart devices and content flowing in a variety of digital channels, one might wonder what value print has in a largely digitally transformed age
Dec. 22 2015
Today’s organizations continue to face challenges in managing customer communications. From maintaining compliance and regulatory changes to making communications more personalized, relevant and...