Andy Jones

Andy Jones is part of the Large Enterprise Operations (LEO) Global Senior Leadership Team, which is responsible for Xerox’s Worldwide Document Outsourcing business. He has worldwide responsibility for the Xerox Workflow Automation business, which delivers technology-based services enabling customers to transform paper-based business processes into digital workflows.
July 27 2016
With the onset of mass digitalization, technologically savvy workers are no longer the exception but the rule. This new digital standard has impacted every facet of the corporate workday, including the...
June 28 2016
Digital transformation has been a buzzword for quite some time, and it’s easy to see why. It’s hard to empower revenue streams, reinvent customer experience, or launch breakthrough products...
Feb. 22 2016
According to Gemalto, a leader in digital security, more than one billion data records were breached in 2014, and 60 Minutes correspondent Bill Whitaker went so far as to deem 2014 “the year of the...