July 7 2014
Here we are, Florida in late June, headed into hurricane season. It is the season we stock up on water, batteries and many other supplies in case we should need them for survival. This time of year also... View More
Feb. 12 2013
@import url(/Uploads/Public/Images/Media/AdvancedRTFTool/maincss.css); The impact of natural disasters, such as floods, hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and other storms, on our very lives and that of... View More
Jan. 31 2013
Superstorm Sandy took no prisoners. Fight back with an emergency management plan that protects all your business assets. When Superstorm Sandy hit the Northeastern United States, more than 7.5 million... View More
May 3 2010
BÖWE BELL + HOWELL (BBH) announced that it has been awarded a patent for using electronic means for delivering billing and statement information in the event that a disaster affects a mailer's traditional... View More
April 25 2010
DocuLex announces the offering of the company's Archive Studio document and content management software as cloud/software as a service (SaaS) option for disaster recovery and business continuity preparedness.... View More
Jan. 17 2010
People. Hire essential personnel to respond and conduct recovery operations. Don't forget maintenance and support programs! Internal Communications. Keep employees informed of the situation and what you... View More