Caringo Inc., the leading provider of content storage software enabling clustered storage for active and archive content, released CloudFolder, a free application for Windows that simplifies storing any files and folders to a CAStor™ cluster.

CloudFolder can be downloaded, installed, configured and ready to use in seconds. It provides automatic access to a CAStor cluster as a private cloud at your home or office, or a shared cloud provided by an MSP. CloudFolder is a simple way for IT departments to provide an increasingly mobile and distributed user community with remote file storage and archiving. MSPs can test the benefit of delivering a familiar Windows folder enabling transparent access to a cloud storage infrastructure.

CloudFolder works with Caringo's CAStor content storage software yet functions just like a standard Windows folder. Users can drag and drop individual files or whole directories to CloudFolder for remote storage and can also make it a shared folder. Retrieving files is as easy as double clicking on a file or folder. This is not a backup or offline archive. CloudFolder is a file repository that looks and feels like any other Windows folder. CloudFolder can be used with an online CAStor cluster over the Internet or even better; download a free 4TB CAStor license to own a private cloud.

"Providing trustworthy storage to protect critical business data for distributed workers or local desktops is a significant challenge for IT or individuals. CloudFolder gives organizations the ability to offer their end users file protection and access without impact to their normal activities," said Mark Goros, CEO at Caringo. "Once files are in CAStor, users never have to back them up or worry about their integrity. The scalability and high performance of CAStor makes this all possible. We believe CloudFolder will inspire users to test and deploy private cloud storage within an organization or throughout a network of managed service customers."

About Caringo
Caringo Inc. is an innovative software provider focused on delivering the most advanced technology for accessing, storing and distributing content or file-based data. Its flagship product, CAStor, dramatically improves the scope and economics of content storage by enabling customers to implement robust storage clusters without being locked into proprietary hardware. More information can be found at

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