Satori Software today announced the immediate availability of its new cloud-based data quality solution designed to help customers solve the real business problems created by poor quality data without the costs and complexity of a traditional data quality implementation.

“Many of our customers have asked about options for doing more with their consumer and business data. Surprised that they would come to us, instead of a more traditional data quality vendor, we took a deeper look at their needs,” states Dale Garrett, Satori Software president. “After scores of interviews, we heard the message loud and clear. It turns out that most business people don’t think in terms of the quality and integrity of data — the typical language of data professionals and vendors. They need to solve business issues — today — not in three-to-six months or years.”

The hype around big data notwithstanding, business professionals, from marketing to merchandising and supply chain, are increasingly seeking ways to leverage their data assets to improve marketing effectiveness, to better serve their customers and to support business strategies. And, they’re trying to do this with as little strain on already over-taxed and often under-staffed teams.

“We challenged a team of our data management experts — members with long Satori experience plus new employees with deep experience at SAP, Business Objects, Informatica and other technology firms — to assess the current state of data solutions and better understand the real business problems created by poor quality data,” continues Joe Zurawski, Satori Software vice president of data quality strategy. “The result: this service which enables our customers to solve a wide variety of business problems bedeviled by data challenges without engaging in an enterprise-wide data quality initiative and all the internal politics such a project inevitably entails.”

The Satori solution delivers a combination of data quality and enhancement capabilities preconfigured for customers’ business objectives, and made accessible through the Satori web portal. As part of the service, customers engage with Satori data experts to identify the complexities of their organization’s data issues by first understanding the key business problems they need to solve. Armed with this information the Satori team connects relevant services into data quality workflows. Customers access these processes through the portal as simple, one-click services that can be run as often as needed to drive critical business decisions.

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About Satori Software Inc.
Satori Software, a Neopost company, delivers simply powerful data quality and mailing solutions to businesses of all sizes. Customers include leaders in healthcare, financial services, education, direct marketing, fundraising and US federal and state agencies. Founded in 1982, Satori Software is headquartered in Seattle, Washington. For information, call 800-553-6477 or visit

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