Xpertdoc Technologies Inc., a Microsoft Gold Partner and leader in document generation and customer communications solutions, today announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued the patent for Xpertdoc’s proprietary document conversion technology, the Document Migration tool. It automatically converts template elements for rapid, smooth and accurate migration between platforms for up to thousands of documents.

Xpertdoc’s newly-patented technology strikes a balance between automation and quality control, by providing automated conversion that can be reviewed and audited for accuracy. During migration, content is extracted to provide comprehensive audit logs, reporting and automated migration into production-ready versions of Xpertdoc templates. It also provides forward and backward traceability between the legacy documents and Xpertdoc.

Both large and small companies often struggle with modernizing their customer communications management (CCM) or document management solutions because of a heavy investment in legacy technology, limiting their ability to invest in newer systems without a complete rebuild. Xpertdoc’s Migration Technology removes this obstacle by facilitating and accelerating the conversion of legacy forms and templates from other documents, including Mosaic, IStream, Calligo, JetForm, Eloquence and xPression, among others.

“Xpertdoc’s Migration Technology fulfills a long-felt need in the industry to enable companies to migrate to modern systems without requiring hundreds or thousands of man hours to convert document templates,” said Francis Dion, CEO and Founder of Xpertdoc. “The industry has already rewarded Xpertdoc’s innovation with widespread adoption and appreciation from satisfied customers. This latest nod of approval from the U.S. Patent Office allows Xpertdoc to continue its overall goal of paradigm-shifting innovation.”

In 2013, Xpertdoc won the SMA Innovation in Action Award, in the “Solution Providers” category for the Migration Technology. Over 230 insurance and financial services companies recognized Xpertdoc’s migration process as the most innovative, game-changing solution in 2013. Receiving the patent further demonstrates the effectiveness and reliability of Xpertdoc and its technology.

“SMA understands the business value of Xpertdoc’s technology in addressing the complex challenge for insurers to migrate their legacy forms and document libraries in an automated way,” says Mark Breading, a Partner at Strategy Meets Action. “To watch the evolution of Xpertdoc, first as recognized with an SMA Innovation of the Year Award with their first implementation, and now awarded the U.S. Patent, is a testament to their journey of innovation – from idea, to solution, to now with a patent.”

For more information on Xpertdoc and its newly patented Document Migration Technology, please visit www.Xpertdoc.com.

About Xpertdoc

Xpertdoc Technologies is a global software company that provides industry-leading document generation and customer communications management (CCM) solutions. The company is a Microsoft Gold Partner and certified ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant for information security. Xpertdoc delivers improved client retention and growth by streamlining web and mobile self-service intake as well as document creation and management processes throughout every customer touch point.

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