Marci Maddox

Marci Maddox is the Research Director for IDC's Enterprise Content Strategies program, responsible for content workflow and content technologies research, including the evolution of managing enterprise content, customer communications, content sharing and collaboration, e-signature, forms, and capture solutions. Leveraging 15 years in content and process applications at companies like OpenText and Vignette, Marci also helped clients to realize the future of AI, IoT, and cloud benefits for industry solutions as the Global Portfolio Manager, Industry Select ISVs for IBM's Watson and Cloud Platform. She has a B.S. in Computer Science from the University of Texas, an MBA in e-Business, and is a frequent speaker, presenter, and moderator at industry conferences as well as publishing to a variety of media outlets.
Dec. 10 2019
Almost four years into this vision, we expect that customer communications as we know it today will evolve into more vibrant conversations. The cloud, artificial intelligence (AI), data intelligence, and...
Dropbox Work Spaces
Oct. 28 2019
Previewed back in June, Dropbox formally unveiled the biggest change to its platform at their user event on September 25 with the arrival of Dropbox Spaces. These smart workspaces are designed to help...
May 7 2019
What has the biggest impact on the success of a customer communications management (CCM) project: people, process, or technology? The reality is that it takes a champion within the organization who can...
CCM Maturity for AI
Jan. 25 2019
Managing customer communications is a significant driver for improving customer satisfaction and increasing lifetime customer value in an organization. Yet, it remains under the radar within many businesses,...